Trying to create a Burn-Redeem with optional tokens to burn

I want to create a burn wit the following stipulations to get 1 of the same new token… lets call it NT token

burn 1 of “token 8” to get 1 NT token


burn 3 of “token 3” to get 1 NT token


burn 1 or “token 3” AND 1 of “token 7” to get 1 NT token

Right now when I do it, it seems to want all 3 conditions to be met. I’d like it to be 1 of these 3 options, not all three.

Thanks for reaching out - Right now the Burn mechanic in the Manifold app doesn’t support ‘or’ requirements.

thanks for the reply

That throws a monkey wrench into what I’m doing, but maybe that’s an option that can be added for the future?