Trying to do a limited edition drop but getting a gas fee of $300

Hlo my name is nasir recently i deployed my contract
But now i m getting too much problems when i try to open claim page it isn’t opening at all then i tried to make limted edition drop and i choose editions and make some steps properly but for tge last transaction its asking the gass fee of 300$ why so please help

If the claim app isn’t opening, please open your browser console and share a screenshot of the error.

If you are minting many tokens, the cost may be high if you are minting 721’s. How many tokens are you attempting to mint?

I don’t know what is problem with claim app its not opening in any browser
And i was minting limted edition of 200

Please open your browser console and screenshot the error messages you see

gm - Wanted to clarify that there’s a difference between minting tokens and then listing them for sale versus setting up a claim page and having collectors mint a token and pay gas fees.

If you were asked to do multiple transactions, it’s possible that you’ve pre-minted tokens through the Create>Editions(pre-minting) versus the Claim page(mint page). This might help explain the different mechanics:

i have a question. i minted 4 contracts before jan2nd to make sure my royalties are grandfathered. But now that im building my collection have more than 4 co0llection.

Is there a way to create oe claims that will appear in a different collection on opensea or do i pretty much cant have more than 4 collections ever?