Trying to understand the diffrences between Claim Pages and using Manifold Gallery (editions)

GM fellow artists and Manifold frens!

I’m trying to understand the key differences between using Claim Pages and listing on Manifold Gallery. Can you even list erc-1155 editions on Manifold Gallery, or is it just for erc-721 1/1 mints?

I plan to drop a new collection soon that has multiple pieces and editions - and don’t know which option to choose. I really like the 6.9% share referral reward in Manifold Gallery, but I’m nervous because I have only used claim pages until now.

If any other artists here could help shed some light on this I would be very grateful! :purple_heart:


You can list ERC-1155 editions on Gallery, but you have to mint them to your own wallet first. So just depends on your use case!

Sounds like gallery might be the choice for you!

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Awesome ty! I saw some frens in the forums talking about how they have to list each edition one-by-one - do you know if that’s really the case?

Also do you know if I can set up a nice Curate page with things listed on Manifold Gallery like I can with claim pages?

You can sell multiple copies of an ERC-1155 at the same time on Gallery.

Curate - not sure if they support Gallery or not…


thank you fren!

Do you happen to know if the gas fees for buyers are less if I choose to mint and sell on Gallery? or are they about the same as using a Claim Page?

I’m trying to make sure my collectoors are able to save a bit!

I think gas savings are a bit better on claim pages. That said - with gas fluctuating so much, it’s hard to nail down an exact cost, could be variable based on when they claim!

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ok cool! Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all my questions - really appreciate it fren :purple_heart: