Two fees being charged for mint an nft

hi guys

I’m an old user of the platform. I didn’t log in for a while and when I went to mint an nft within an existing collection I was surprised by a new fee called “deploy contract and add mint extension”. This fee didn’t exist before and I don’t know what it’s for. Isn’t this correct? Shouldn’t I just be charged the mint fee, since I already have a minted contract?

Thank you

gm! Can you provide the transactions you’re referring to? We’ll need a bit more information here.

The gas fees to write to the blockchain have not changed since our previous UX. Depending on what you’re trying to do, there has always been a fee for extensions/mints.

Captura de tela 2024-05-30 115912

follow image, when I go to add an nft to an existing contract, this step appears and then I actually mint it

0xf96fe06170be45da65e7d7246aa636638cc167a20192ad4fa1939e8c8ce3ccda transaction hash

Thx fam !

when you get to this stage, there’s a fee, which is strange, because before there wasn’t this stage and now there is, I pay 2x fees, whereas before it was only once

Welcome back. That’s correct, a new additional one-time transaction has been added for minting single tokens. It’s a feature designed to guarantee tokens are minted in the correct order and without accidental duplicates (a known issue for previous version of our app).

To be clear, you only need to approve this transaction per contract.

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