Unable to Connect to Studio

A few days ago I attempted to login to Manifold studio using my smartphone and Metamask Browser. I didn’t work and I figured it was a temporary glitch or phone related.
2 days later I am on my PC tower and using my typical Brave browser logging in with my metamask wallet and studio login is cycling continuously. I confirmed my metamask login and it doesn’t seem to be anything on my end.
Can you advise me if something is going on preventing logins or advise me in ways to discover if it is on my end?

gm! Thanks for reaching out. Were you able to connect? What was the issue?

The issue seems to be resolved.
After visiting manifold.xyz and trying to login to studio or connect wallet I was experiencing a continuous progress wheel with nothing ever resolving. I was logged into Metamask at the time and using the Brave browser.
Later I updated the Brave browser and briefly experienced a different sort of non log in where it said I was connected to my wallet but wouldn’t do anything.
When I was recording a video showing the problem I suddenly received a sign request from Metamask which had not popped up before (today). I recall this sign request from past encounters. I did not receive prompts or notifications for it in the previous attempts to log in today.

After accepting the sign request I seemed to have my usual access.

Speculating for UI/UX purposes.
I would not say the issue was entirely user error but it was user solvable. I think the UI just failed to provide me with a pop up sign request which I would not naturally think to look for. This could be a metamask issue perhaps. Or was connected to a slightly outdated version of Brave Browser compatibility. Or the browser version could have just been a co-incidence. Sorry I cannot be of more help but I hope this shows a record of some user experience.

I had the same issue earlier. I don’t know how to reproduce the bug but I know that it was cause on 2 metamask wallets I already used with Manifold Studio in 2 chrome different session. It’s been a long time since I didn’t use the platform (december of 2022 I think)

When I was into studio.manifold.xyz the dashboard was loading forever. I wasn’t connect yet, so I tried to connect my metamask, but the platform didn’t load. So I disconnect my wallet from the dashboard, just after that I have been redirected to a different page. I had to push a button Go to studio something like that. I push this button and I was already connected so I disconnect from Metamask wallet this time. Reload and now I had to connect wallet + sign and the dashboard was not infinite loading anymore.

To summarize I suspect that signing with some wallet that has used the dashboard already is causing this infinite loading.

Thanks for the detailed context from both of you! We’re still trying to track down this intermittent issue.