Unable to edit Claim Page

Hey, I just checked one of my claim page, and it appears I can no longer edit them. Why is that?

I need to be able to change prices, or close down an open edition that did not have end date when released.



There was a recent change around editing claims. Make sure you hit “Next” after making your changes at each screen.

I suspect that’s it. If you’re having some other issue, can you give more detail on what’s happening? ie: link to claim, what edit you’re trying to make, and what steps you’re going through.

Well that’s weird. It works now just fine.

It wasn’t allowing me to click next, or switch tabs or do anything. Everything was shadowed out and the cursor gave (/) mark when I hover over the buttons. But it works now

I encountered the same problem. I uploaded the mp4 , wrote the title and a description of the work. And then I can’t click next.