Unable to edit my contract!

Hi frens. I have a problem to open my contract and edit it.
when here :point_down: in first page click on my contract:

then open this page: :point_down: click on my contract to edit,

then again go to the first page. :point_down:

what should I do to fix it?

Gm! Youโ€™re looking to change something in the contract? Because the nature of the blockchain, contracts minted to mainnet cannot be changed/edited once itโ€™s been deployed.

I canโ€™t have any update on that?

Yes - Once itโ€™s been deployed on mainnet, the name/type/symbol/ascii will be permanent. Is there something specific youโ€™re looking to change?

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Yes, I wanna change the symbol of contract to the name of my artwork.

Unfortunately because itโ€™s on mainnet, this is not possible.

OMG, tanx dear.
Is there any way that tokens I mint on mainnet (foundation.app) burn with one action?

The tokens are minted through Foundation? Or tokens minted with Manifold? This might be helpful understanding how burning tokens work and how it will display on different platforms.

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tokens minted with manifold that shows on Foundation.
so there is no way to burn a few tokens with on action! yes?