Unable to find ERC-721 Tokens for Gallery App listing

I am looking to make a gallery of my work for auctions but after selecting the contract with the works in it I can only see 2 of 21 tokens.
I have logged out of both my MM and Ledger accounts and logged back in and have disconnected my VPN. I am using Windows and Firefox.
Any clue as to why this would be?

Can you provide screenshots? So you’re saying you’ve minted 21 tokens and 19 are now missing from studio?

Hi Lyndon,
Not missing from studio, just that the gallery app is not seeing them to be able to select and publish them.

The gallery app only supports 721 tokens - Are these 1155 tokens you’re looking to sell?

No, they are ERC721

Will need a bit more info like the wallet address you’ve used to log into studio etc.

Hi Lyndon,
0xeBb6DBB76854399CDa5a92d5672e5BF4A1FcEEBb should get you there.
I tried to upload some screen shots but can only get one to do so. Is there a file size limit?

Got it, thanks. And is your address the owners of tokens? To list tokens for sale with Manifold Gallery you will need to be own those tokens.

I see some of your tokens owned by Foundation’s custodial marketplace and you are no longer the holder of the token. This is why that token won’t show up and you will not be able to list it for sale.

Hi Lyndon.
Of course! Why didn’t I think of that??
Thank You so much for figuring that out and for your patience with me.
Looks like I have to make a decision about which marketplace I am going to use on a permanent basis with an eye to the future.
Thanks again.