Unable to load gallery listings on FireFox


For the last several weeks, active listings have had an issue where myself and multiple other users have been unable to load a gallery listing correctly. This seems to happen in multiple different auction states (pre-listing, active listing, post-auction/settlement), and seems to be specific to the FireFox browser.

When experiencing this issue, I will load a gallery listing (e.g. you will n̶o̶t̶ surely die) and experience an infinite pinwheel.

When experiencing this issue, I will see the following in the browser console:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: An invalid or illegal string was specified [reconnecting-websocket-mjs.js:17](webpack://connect/node_modules/reconnecting-websocket/dist/reconnecting-websocket-mjs.js)

MWalletIdentity failed to mount due to time out. [entry.ts:40:16]

MRestrictedToken failed to mount due to time out. [entry.ts:42:16]

(I had to redact some of the above lines due to hyperlink limits for new users here)

I have not experienced this issue on other browsers. As I’ve said above, other users have also reported this issue. It’s intermittent - throughout the day I will experience it on the same page in the same auction/listing state. Sometimes refreshing the page even minutes apart produces different results (i.e. normal functionality, or infinite pinwheels)

+1 for this issue. Gallery pages almost never load in firefox for me.

Gm - Do you have a link or an example of a page that isn’t working? Will look into it. Seems ok on Firefox on my end.

It happens on any gallery listing as far as I can tell. Heres a video of what I’m seeing. At the end, I throw out a shot in the dark guess that its because of the wallet RPC provider

Hi, as mxjxn mentioned, this is a persistent issue on virtually all active listings.

This listing is currently not loading on FF. Everyone I know experiencing this bug on FF anywhere, experiences it on this link.

Browser console only shows the following lines:

MWalletIdentity failed to mount due to time out. entry.ts:33:16
MRestrictedToken failed to mount due to time out. entry.ts:42:16
Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL: The Spiral
Source Map URL: manifold-variables.css.map