Unable to login to Manifold Studio (Phantom Wallet installed)


When I launch the Manifold studio there is nowhere I can click to get to the contract or minting page. If I put it in manually in the address line like this: studio.manifold.xyz/contracts it briefly goes there, but then kicks me out and onto the launch studio page again. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Update: It seems to work now. I’m still wondering what was wrong though…

Hmmm - That sounds odd. Do you have the /contracts tab bookmarked?

Sorry for the delay! I thought I had answered your question already.

The thing is, when I go into the Manifold Studio there is no contracts tab. I have to manually write the address into the address field on top of the website. When I did that at first it would briefly go on to the contract page, but then go back to the Manifold Studio main page. Eventually, it did work though, but I was wondering why there isn’t any button or something like that on the front page to get onto the contract page.

That is really strange - Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the Manifold Studio page? It should look something like this with the Contracts tab beside Overview.

Sure! This is how it looks:

Got it - So there are issues you are having signing in, I thought there was an issue after logging in. Do you have other extensions installed on your browser? ie Phantom Wallet? That’s known to cause some issues with signing in

Yes, I do have Phantom wallet installed. I can log in with my MM wallet, but then I can’t get any further. I have now saved a link to the contact page, so I can easily get on to it again.
Interesting that Phantom would cause that -and annoying!

A previous thread that maybe helpful:

Thank you so much! Very helpful!