Unable to mint a token on mainnet

I minted a token in Goerli test net and then was minting it on Mainnet, but now enough funds on wallet… some steps were achieved though. Just the mint step was canceled.
Now I’m trying to mint again and I get an error.


It seems that you created the series with an edition of 10, then changed to 5 after. Once a series is created, you will not be able to change the edition number. You will need to create a new series if you would like to do so. For this case, you will need to choose an edition of 5 to continue. I have updated the error message so this is more clear, sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

Thank you.
But I’m unable to do anything with this token now.
Anyhow it just stopped the minting cause I didn’t had enough ETH… otherwise it would have accepted that change. Why isn’t then the nr. of editions fetched automatically from Goerli to mainnet?

I just want to burn this token and create a new one, just one ed. Can I still do this by changing the metadata or do I have to use etherscan?
The token is simply unreachable from the studio… every time I choose it will show me an error,

Thanks again


I have made a server fix, you should be able to mint now. So sorry about that.

Thank you so much. It worked… but finally I decided to “delete” that token cause it was multi edition and in the 721 contract that doesn’t quite seem good.
In fact it was not possible to delete it by pressing the delete button. I just removed the image, but the token still appears in the Studio. That’s ok for now.

Have an excellent 2023