Unable to mint after updating using claim pages

Hello hello!:wave:t6:

Having a bit of trouble resolving an issue with my contract.

Launched it this past weekend, minting was possible, updated the date to shorten it and updated it on-chain, and now can no longer mint. Attempting to mint 1 gets a maximum token already minted allocation error (thought the wallet has no tokens), attempting 2+ gets a long error.

Any insight?
Thank you!


Error message (when trying to mint 2+)

Hi - Thanks for reaching out. Is there anything other than the time that you changed for the claim page? Did you change the supply? Any additional info would be helpful.

hmm, I did change the amount that could be minted from unlimited to 3. Could that have been the issue?

I did the same with a similar claim page of a motion version of the same image and donโ€™t have an issue with that page

Right now it looks like you set the total supply to 3 tokens - Did you mean to set the claim so that only 3 tokens could be minted per wallet?

Ohhhhh! omg!!!
Yes, that was my intent.

Many thanks! :star_struck:
Itโ€™s my first contract, still figuring it all out!