Unable to Mint ERC1155 for an Airdrop

Hello, I have not used Manifold since last April, so perhaps there is an update I am missing.

I have been trying to mint an airdrop to holders of one of my Tokens and I keep getting the same message after getting stuck on “Awaiting Execution, please click below to initiate transaction”. There is nothing for me to click, and the message after this fails is: “Oops there seems to be a problem with your transaction, please check your connection and refresh this page to try again”.

Please let me know if this issue is anything other than me not having enough eth in my wallet, thank you!

Can you take a screenshot of the screen you’re getting stuck on? Also can you take a screenshot of your console as well?

Thank you for the quick reply! I’m not sure what you mean by console, but here is a screenshot of the issue, it’s still happening and I am unable to mint.

In the link above you’ll see a guide to getting to the console from your web browser - It will help us get an idea of what might be going on