Unable to open any of my token/claim edit pages

Hi – I’m suddenly unable to open any of my token/claim edit pages for my erc1155 contract. I have 5 claims pages, 4 ended and 1 live but when I try to open them, I just get the spinning circle. If anyone on the team can look into this, the link to my studio claim pages list is here: Manifold Studio

edit: I’m also noticing some strange behaviour – the claims pages overview says there have been 0 tokens minted when there are actually over 600 minted so far. Maybe this is related to the problem?

Could you please take a look when you can? Thanks!

i have a claim page that i also can not access. Whispers of the Abyss
circle spinning indefinetly

still spinning for me this morning and i see other people are experiencing it now as well so maybe some kind of api problem/outage.

hopefully the team sees these reports soon but it’s the weekend so we may have to wait a bit :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m also having this issue, unable to view any of my claim pages.

looks like it’s fixed now! i can access the claim edit pages and all the token counts are back. thanks!

This should be resolved now. Apologies for the outage.

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thank you wilkins! :saluting_face: