Unable to publish 1/1s on existing Base contracts

I have an ERC721 contract on Base called “Custom BBN by ViHa”. It was created via Manifold in June 2024. I tried to create a new 1/1 on that contract earlier today. At the last step, I’m being prompted to switch to Ethereum mainnet to publish the token.

Browser: Brave
Wallet: Metamask
Address: vihavibes.eth

Kindly look into this. Thank you!

Hmmm - Thanks for reaching out. We’ll investigate, can you take a screenshot of where it’s asking you to switch to mainnet along with the console? How do I report issues to the forum? | Manifold Help Center

Hi Lyndo! Sharing the screenshot.

This was my flow: sign in with wallet > login signature > click on the Base contract > Drafts > choose the recipient wallet address > PROMPT TO SWITCH TO MAINNET

We can confirm the issue and we’re looking into this. Please standby.

Hey could you try now?

Hello, Ediep! The problem persists.

Can you try again? we just fixed the issue (had to re-select your contract).

Hello, Wilkins! I’m able to mint now. Consider the issue resolved. Thanks.to you, Eric and Lyndo as well.

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