Unable to set multiple tokens to be burned. Can't test on Goerli

I created a ERC1155 contract to burn tokens from a ERC721 contract.
I would like to burn x number of tokens to redeem a new token in the new contract, but i can’t see a field were to set the number of tokens to be burned. I tried repeting the ERC721 token, on select burn token, but in the publish section, it appear repeated 1x token, 1x token,…

I’m also having trouble trying the app on Goerli, when i switch to it, the app ask me to change back to mainnet.

This is an example of what i want to do

thanks for the help

Idea… it would also be great if there is a option to select which tokens that can’t be burned.
In my case, i have a collection of 7000 tokens, with some 1 of 1, and i wouldn’t like to burn them, it is easier to input 20 that can’t be burned, than 6880 that can be burn.

For your first question, the amount should be visible above the token selector!

As for you second question/idea, that’s a great idea! Will report back if we end up implementing that, as it seems like a very useful button to have.

Ah sorry misread your question, thought you were burning 1155s for 721s. That field I just mentioned above only applies to burnable 1155 tokens as they have “supply” for each individual token id.

For 721s you must be explicit as there is no “amount” of a 721 since each one is non-fungible. You’ll want to do exactly what you were mentioning, a new burn rule that says “All Tokens” for your contract for each individual NFT you want to require burning.

This is what happens… is this right.
Holders must burn 5 to get the redeem?

Sorry for asking, but i can’t use Goerli network to test it. the app always ask me to switch to Mainet

Thank you!

Exactly! You’ve nailed it. Also I recognize your name from the Cryptoadz discord, good to see you!

Your configuration right now reads as you will need to burn 5 of “The FlyZ” to get one of Mossley Fawnson. It will be done in 5 steps where you pick each one “The FlyZ” at a time, which is a little cumbersome, but it shall work!

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Also yes apologies about the Goerli UX. Currently Goerli is reserved for us in development to avoid any confusion for less-advanced users. As time goes on, our UX for handling different networks will become considerably more straight-forward and consistent (it’s on our docket!). Hopefully allowing you to pretty much use any network for anything.

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Yeah… it’s me. :slight_smile:
So it’s possible for the holder to choose which flyz to burn?

Yep! They will pick one The FlyZ NFT on each of the 5 steps. When they confirm, they will end up burning 5 individual The FlyZ NFTs to redeem one of your new artwork.