Unable to upload metadata to Arweave for existing ERC-721 tokens

Hello! I’m unable to upload new artwork/metadata to existing ERC-721 tokens (numbered editions of 100). These tokens are dynamic and have gone through previous updates. When I try to update on Mainnet in Manifold Studio, I get the error “Arweave might be experiencing issues currently, please try again in a couple mins.”

I’ve tried yesterday and today and still get the same error. I’d appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

Hey! Is this still on going?

Hi Agus,

Yes it’s still happening for me! FWIW, this contract was deployed on rinkleby then mainnet. It was never deployed on goerli. Not sure if that matters or not



I’d appreciate any support on this. I believe it is related to dynamic nature of my token and how I am updating it’s metadata.

Thank you!

Here is my wallet address and studio link



Took a look. Was an issue on our side. I’ve now fixed. Give it another go.

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Sick piece by the way.


Thanks for addressing the issue so quickly!

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I am having the same issue, It has been 2 days stuck on this error.
Could you please take a look?