Unique metadata for ERC721 Tokens in a Claim or BurnRedeem

WARNING: Try this at your own risk. If you do this incorrectly, you will have to do another transaction to correct the data.

Note: This is only possible after your Claim/BurnRedeem ends. You must know the total number of tokens.

  1. Create metadata files for each NFT, numbered 1-N (where N is the total number of tokens).
    You can start with the existing NFT’s metadata file as a template.

The files MUST be just number 1-N. No extension

  1. Upload these to either IPFS or Arweave.
    Test out your files to make sure they’re fine by verifying the json and checking the metadata is different for each ID


  1. Open up your claim or burn/redeem to find your instance information. At the bottom you’ll see INSTANCE, CONTRACT and EXTENSION.

  2. Go to etherscan.io and enter the extensionAddress from step 3. Click on ‘Code’, then ‘Write Contract’

  3. Click ‘Connect to Web3’, make sure it turns green. You may have to click it twice.

  4. Go to updateTokenURIParams
    You will want to enter the following values:

creatorContractAddress: from step3
instanceId/claimIndex/index: the id from step3
storageProtocol: 2 for Arweave, 3 for IPFS
identical: false
  for arweave, it's simply the transaction hash (DO NOT include https://arweave.net/)
  for IPFS, it's the ipfs base path (do not have a trailing slash)

Click Write and approve the transaction

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Check out 69Burn collection for an example of this recipe in action: https://opensea.io/collection/69burn

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a problem with this, have been doing it numerous times, but now the airdropped tokenIDs are pointing to one token though. if i airdropped 10 tokens from the tokenID 19, they all pointing to ipfs://…/19 instead of /20, /21 and so on

What is your claim page? There were a set of claim pages that have an issue with airdrop and unique metadata unfortunately.

just revealed the 999 collection, and a bunch has duplicates… connect with you on twitter?

Someone will reach out here. Unfortunately your claim is one of the impacted ones and unique metadata is not possible on this claim. We’ll try and work with you to figure out something that can work. Sorry about that.

alright understood…

is it an unsolvable one or takes a lot of individual mappings?
also any time frame if at all possible? would help a lot in figuring next steps…


Will DM you right now to figure something out.

We have made this process easier by building it right into Studio!