Unlockable content/High-resolution videos

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how I can mint a high quality video.

I have seen conflicting information regarding file size uploads in the help guides. But beyond that I know that marketplaces also have their limits and the limit of 50mb for FND is… sadly sadly small.

I would love to be able to upload my high-resolution videos to arweave, mint a lower resolution/preview for display on marketplaces, and be able to have a link to the high-resolution as unlockable content.

Is there any way to do this with the tools available now? If not is this something that is in the works?

Darkblock can help with this!

With Darkblock, you can indeed mint high-quality videos and have the flexibility to offer both lower resolution previews and high-resolution content as unlockables. Here’s how you can do it:

You can use the Darkblock app to set up unlockable content for your NFTs. This means that after someone purchases your NFT, they can access the high-resolution video through our platform. The current size limit is 1GB.

You can embed teir viewer into your own website or platform to consume the content, or direct people to app.darkblock.io to unlock their content. They also have a Chrome extension that allows users to seamlessly consume unlockable content on OpenSea.

Minting Process:

You can mint your NFT like normal on Manifold and then visit https://app.darkblock.io/ to upgrade your NFT with our super-easy-to-use web app. You can upgrade singular NFTs or an entire collection (with optional trait targeting!).

While they don’t have direct integration with Manifold at the moment, it would be a great idea to suggest incorporating Darkblock into minting process of Manifold. This could enhance the overall experience for creators like you. If Manifold team read this message, please think about it, please.

Best of luck with your NFT creations, and I hope this information helps you achieve your goals!