Update a already minted image

I have a contract minted on the foundation platform. Is it possible to update those images or do I have to burn them and start again?

gm! To clarify this is a contract that was minted with Manifold but you’re using Foundation to list for sale and looking to update the metadata of that image?

If you’re looking to update the metadata, Foundation requires a metadata refresh. You’ll need to reach out to their platform to facilitate this.

Hi thanks for replying. Is the image considered meta? Or is the image not replaceable.

You will be able to replace the image!

Thank very much for helping. Do you know how you do a meta fresh on foundation?

Sorry but I don’t know what that means

If you’re looking to update an image that’s been minted, platforms like Opensea or Rarible will do this automatically. Foundation and SR won’t and you’ll need to contact their support teams!

Thank you for all your help I do truly appreciate it,

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