Update a mintBase

Hello everyone!

So after a few updates of the custom audience CSV file, there was an issue whitelisted addresses being able to claim, specifically two out of 11. After a few reuploads of the CSV, one address managed ot claim, however the other one not, so I had a bad idea of trying to mint dirrectly to the address using mintBase, only to discover that this method does not attach an instanceID to it. so now I have a tokenID with no content. Can this be fixed? Thanks

Can you send a link to the transaction?

mintBase tokens can have it’s own unique metadata by calling the setTokenURI function for that specific tokenID.

If you give us the transaction we could try putting it into studio via the 1-of-1 app.

I would recommend treating this token separate from the claim, as it really isn’t connected to the claim at all, but rather a unique token.

Here it is:


I did think about setTokenURI method and it would fix the missing metadata, however my biggy is this: it’s an erc721 claim with custom reveal, and each file is attached to the tokenID that is minted (html files containing p5.js generative code that extracts the wallet holder of that token ID and uses the wallet address to generate a seed random). So I have 150 html files uploaded to the custom reveal. claims 1 to 4 got their custom reveal file attached, but since tokenID 5 is separate from the claim, will the next claim get the custom reveal file that was set for tokenID 5? since token ID 5 is already minted, the next claim will be token ID 6 and attached with metadata that was supposed to be for 5?

I thought of removing the custom reveal number 5 but I don’t know if I will be able to save that since I will have 150 tokens for the claim and only 149 custom reveal files.

setTokenURI doesn’t work, sadly. I get “t.map is not a function” message, I assume because the token is separate from the claim? So I should use setBaseTokenURI, since it’s a base mint?. I also reduced the number claims to 149, and removed the file asociated with token ID 5. Was that correct?

Ok, no need to call the function direclty. I added the missing token 5 to your studio profile. Please refresh the page and you should be able to update token 5 that way.

IF you want it to be part of the same set, you’ll have to do a custom reveal by uploading a CSV to the claim which EXCLUDES token 5. Everything should assign accordingly. Then you can update token 5 independently.

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