Update all token metadata in one tx?


Is it possible to update all token metadata (description only) for a contract in one tx?

I have a collection where I have minted both batches and single tokens. I would like to update the description on all of them and didn’t see a way it was possible to do so in one tx.

Hmmm - So you have tokens with unique metadata across your contract and you’re looking to change all their descriptions to the same thing? Would love to understand this use case a little more, right now we don’t have any kind of tool that supports something like that.

Not necessarily the same metadata, but a way to update the individual metadata on each token and then one “Update on Mainnet” tx for the whole contract, similar to what is available now for each “batch”… but treating the whole collection as one batch.

The use case that I am working on is that I have a collection that I was minting to most nights, with an open-ended close of when I would stop minting to that collection. That time has come and I would like to add to the token metadata that the project has closed and will not be minted to any longer.

Just bumping this to see if there would be a solution.

Thank you!

Do you have a link to this collection? Are they all part of one claim?

They’re 721’s