Update art of a NFT but showing old one on Etherscan & Foundation

Hi everyone,

I have just minted a NFT on my own smart contract, Manifold. After I mint, I auctioned the piece on Foundation. Then I noticed I had to change the art of the NFT, so I updated the art and it was successful, but it shows the old art on Etherscan and on Foundation. I checked on Looksrare and it shows correct, as well as on Manifold Gallery. Could someone let me know if I missed something? That’s the first time I needed to update the art of a NFT. :slight_smile:

Here some useful links:

Contract (the last operation was to update the art): etherscan .io/address/0x7a6e2E5cb92dC09d75Bb56e08a6077A415e84850

Etherscan NFT (wrong old art): etherscan .io/nft/0x7a6e2E5cb92dC09d75Bb56e08a6077A415e84850/2

Foundation (wrong old art): foundation .app/@artsensenft/twinflames/2

Looksrare (correct art): looksrare .org/collections/0x7a6e2e5cb92dc09d75bb56e08a6077a415e84850/2

Manifold Gallery (correct art): gallery.manifold.xyz/0x7a6e2e5cb92dc09d75bb56e08a6077a415e84850/2

You can see the difference more in the center of the image.

PS: I put spaces because of the links. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

not all marketplaces will refresh the metadata - you need to reach out to fnd directly. not sure about etherscan but it’s prob the same