Update batch minting extension with csv

Is there a way to update metada ( properties ) of a batch serie from csv files or any other database ?
Actually, it can be only done through the UI of each token , but with 4 properties of a 200 token serie, it’s really long to edit .
I look for a script that would directly interact with the contract extension , so we don’t need to wait for a new web integration ?

Gm! Thanks for the feedback - It’s definitely something we’re considering in the future for creators like yourself and making this process easier. Appreciate you leaving a note!

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Thank you. I know it’s not a common use of manifold but we choose to use it for our 10 000 punks derivative ClayPunks with manifold because of its security and great integration.
We are looking with some dev to find a solution that will help.
waiting your integration of course .

I propose :

I would like to mint over 200 tokens each with unique descriptions and traits. Can I upload a csv file like on Foundation?
Do you have this feature yet?