Update connected Twitter account

I’ve searched for related existing topics before posting but I couldn’t find.

  • Browser I’m using: Brave.

  • Wallet I’m using: Metamask.

  • My wallet address: 0x1d38539314Fd199d3d2E77dDbA41Ee2EF6060EBB

  • A summary of the issue: I signed up a few months ago, when the previous Manifold Studio, and connected to my Twitter account at that time (@metaversural). Later on, I changed my Twitter account to @lejandrier. Nowadays, with the new Manifold Studio, I’ve actually started trying the platform on the Sepolia Testnet Workspace, by batch minting, gallery listing, creating claim pages and curate pages. Everything runs perfect, but the Twitter account shown on those pages is the previous one no longer existing (@metaversural) and can’t find where or how to update it.

  • What I’m trying to do: update the Twitter account referred/connected on Manifold Studio platform, from the previous one no longer existing (@metaversural) to the present one (@lejandrier).

  • A screenshot of the issue:

Thanks in advance!

We don’t have support in the app to update the link right now. Would you like us to remove that association with your account?

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Hi ediep,
Thanks for your reply, well noted.
Yes, please, I’d appreciate if you removed the association with my previous Twitter account.
And hopefully it will be possible to update/insert the link again through the app in the future…
Best regards

Hi lejandier,

I have removed your Twitter account association!

Hi Don Dang,
Thanks for your prompt action.
But the association is still there. Indeed, I’ve just created a new claim page (Colors - Orange Pale 01 | Manifold) and it’s still showing the association with that twitter account…

Hi lejandrier,

Sorry about that it should be updated correctly now!

Hi Don Dang,
Well noted with many thanks! Now it’s updated correctly.
Best regards