Update contract code before deployment? Adding multiple-token hold to claim

I am looking to require multiple tokens in order to claim a final token (for a scavenger hunt style experience).

I have not seen any out-of-the-box solutions for this but it feels like a relatively simple addition to a contract if we could edit the code before deploying.

Any thoughts on solutions?

What you could do is let user mint the required tokens, then use the burn-redeem app with the requirement that you need to own the required tokens, and burn them to receive the final token.

To learn more about the burn-redeem app please check it out here:

Thank you for this advice! Since all of the tokens are collectible Art, we are not looking to incentivize burning the other 5 pieces, but rather to show that the collector holds all five.

If there is a way to accomplish this, or to inject that term into the contract (same as ‘hold to claim’ but add a couple more && lines) that would be the ideal situation.

In that case, you can use our snapshot tool to get the holder addresses, then do an exclusive claims.

For snapshot tool instructions please check here

For exclusive claim:

Hi thanks for the quick response. While this technically works, it requires setting a deadline and having all the collectors come back after a certain date to collect the final ‘claim’ NFT. This means that the first person to collect all 5 can’t just go collect the claim NFT, but has to wait until some date in the future. It also requires some manual work for the snapshot and .csv upload for the claim page.

There are many platforms that offer this sort of manual address-gating / snapshot, as well as single NFT ‘token gate’ claim. It feels like a relatively small addition to add an && 2ndToken && 3rdToken to the ‘claim’ rules, but alas is not available anywhere.

Also the Snapshot tool presumably only captures one NFT, so it will have to be manually done, to create a .csv of who holds all 5 (different) NFTs.