Update decription for an NFT that was batch minted

I tried to follow the steps to update the description of my NFT but it seems if its been batch minted, then I can’t do it the same way. Any suggestions?

Can you take a screenshot of where you’re getting stuck? Are you seeing an error?

it doesnt have the option to update to mainnet. only says NExt Asset

When you return to the homepage of the Batch Mint you should see an option on the top right to update the Metadata. Similar to when you created this the upload button happens from the main screen of the batch mint.

Hi Lyndo
Thanks. all i have at the batch mint page is “update on Mainnet” which seems to upload the artwork rather than update the description

i updated on mainnet. the right text shows in manifold studio but when i click “view on manifold gallery” the right text doesnt show

i finally got it to work. just need foundation to manually update the metadata

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