Update external_url on Mainnet

Hello, I’m new to using Manifold Studio and would like to know:

If I’m the owner of the contract how can I update the external_url in the NFT JSON to prevent link rot in the future on Mainnet?

Currently my asset is stored in AWS S3 but wondering what is the best way to update the external_url so that it is always linking to the correct asset on Mainnet ?

I would think if I’m the admin of the contract I should be able to have the ability to change the external_url for NFT maintenance purposes to guarantee to my collectors the external_url asset will always be available.

  • Quick note my external_url is asset weighs above 100mb

If this has been answered before glad to check out the resources available.
Thank you in advance for any help or feedback :pray:

Are you referring to the external_url when creating a token? This isn’t the url pointing to the image, the url typically will link to a website that may provide more information about the artist/collection etc. This will appear on platforms that support this functionality.

The token metadata when creating a token with Manifold will be uploaded to Arweave.

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Hi Lyndo, thank you for your response. Yes I’m referring to the external_url

My high-resolution asset is around 400mb and I’d like to know where is the best place in the JSON to link to the high resolution asset?

Are you suggesting I upload the high resolution asset to Arweave? Because I’m wondering how I can prevent link rot and update the URL of the asset in the future in case Arweave goes down or S3 makes a change and the URLs change.

If there is a way to update the external_url I could always make sure it links to the high-resolution asset.

Let me know if what I’m saying makes sense, glad to hear thoughts. Would like to learn what the best patterns are for minting high resolution NFTs.

Thank you again