"Update on Test Network" not actually updating the tokens

Hello! I have run into hopefully a minor problem while trying to update my test tokens on the Goerli Test Network.

I recently updated all my tokens inside Manifold on Goerli, but when I go to “Update on Test Network” they are still showing the old versions of the tokens on OS, LR, and Rarible Testnets. I checked the metadata and it seems to have updated for Manifold, but nowhere else. Just a bit worried that when I go to “Mint to Mainnet”, all my tokens will be the old, incorrect versions.

This is for a batch mint of 8 tokens.
My contract seems all good, still only on Goerli.

Also, when I click “Update on Test Network”, it never asks me to sign from my wallet, and it immediately gives me the emoji explosion/success notice—which is weird because when I first minted them to Goerli, I had to sign the tx.

Any insight would be appreciated!

It took a few days, but I figured out that I have to go into each platform like OS/Rarible and refresh the metadata every time I make changes to a token. Kinda wish someone could’ve told me that earlier, but it’s all good; maybe I’ll get some help on the next roadblock.

Hi! Thanks for bringing this up - When tokens are deployed to Mainnet, you’ll need to sign a transaction everytime you change something in your token’s metadata. So what you’re saying about needing to pay a little bit of gas would be necessary on mainnet.

One of the differences is that on mainnet all of your tokens will be uploaded to Arweave(Manifold will pay the storage fee) while on testnet and for testing purposes tokens will be on Cloudinary.