Update to Mainnet Error -Oops there seems to be a problem with your transaction message

When I go to fix a spelling error in my description and try to update to Mainnet… I says “Oops there seems to be a problem with your transaction, please check your connection and refresh this page to try again”

It is listed on Foundation and shows the spelling error there still. The correct spelling is saved but update still won’t go through!

Is this saved everywhere else but Foundation? Foundation requires a manual refresh, you’ll need to reach out to their team to update.

No only saved on Manifold Studio. It still shows up with the improper spelling everywhere else. It just won’t update to Mainnet and shows the same response each time.

Foundation said it was something that needs to be updated via Manifold but not going through

Are you able to manually correct on your end or have you seen this issue before?! Appreciate the help so far! I just need to add an o where it says “to often” instead of “too often”


Do you mind trying again, and when the error pops up, please right click on the screen, choose “inspect”. Then on the top right corner choose console, and copy all the errors here for me please?

Please also take a screenshot of your studio when the error pops up

Screen shot of error

(post deleted by author)

Thank you for diving into this!

The titles say:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
Error: No ENS Avatar set

MetaMask - RPC Error: execution reverted: Invalid token
Error: cannot estimate gas; transaction

Thank you for these info! We are looking into this now

What is the title of the token? Or if you can provide me the link on Foundation that works too!


I was having the same issue. I noticed the network said Unknown so I clicked there and connected to my wallet manually through the page and then it worked!

Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 8.10.00 AM