Update token description after mint

Hello community,

I’ve got another question as I realized I forgot to add a bit to my token description and have since minted it.

I’ve added the text into the description field in my studio area, but it doesn’t show up on the minted token. I’m assuming I’m missing a stage to update on-chain, but can’t find this specific info searching the threads.

Any help with this small detail is appreciated.


Is this for a Claim Page or for an individual token? Wont really be able to help without seeing the token.

Can you share a link to the affected token? This maybe a helpful guide:

Hey lyndo,

I’ll have a look at the docs you posted, but here’s the link to the token:

I want to add the physical artwork dimension and a link to the website the details of the artwork creation can be seen.

Was also thinking about creating an offline version of this webpage: Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey - EXHALE ART GALLERY and zip the file for the future owner to be able to download an access for the ‘story’ of their original artwork creation. I’m not sure if this website will still be in use in the future, so was thinking this is the best way to keep a link of the creation process of the artwork for the collector. If you have any other thoughts/ideas, I’d love to hear them.


I’ve followed the docs you posted and I don’t have issues with the metadata / token description that I minted. I would like to add the artwork description at the bottom of the ‘description’ field and add 1 new text property that I can post the webpage into for a buyer to be able to be directed to so to see the entire creation process of the original artwork.

I’ve tried to enter the updated info into these fields in my token in studio but when I refresh the metadata, it deletes the info I added and goes back to the original minted info.

Just curious if it’s possible to update this info after the mint has occurred? I can’t find info searching the docs or forum specific to this question.

Thanks for your help!

Well, I was able to figure it out. Looks like the token page in studio was having issues updating and spinning indefinitely. It eventually updated after 6 tries, refreshes and was able to update the data on main-net for a nominal fee. All fixed and working now.

I hope this thread helps anyone else with a similar question.

Thanks for the guidance and support along this journey.

Hmmm - That’s odd. I see there was only one transaction so it looks like you’re good. Appreciate the update, keep us posted if anything else comes up!

Hey lyndo,

Curious why my token isn’t showing the video/image it’s listing when viewed from mobile? I tried on various web browsers / cleared cache etc. and it’s just a blank area.

Here’s the link again:

Seems to be playing fine when I check on mobile (Piece looks great btw) - What browser/device are you viewing from?

Hey lyndo,

Thanks for checking the listing from your end and for the compliments on the piece :pray:t2:

I’m using a galaxy s10 and tried to view it on Firefox and Brave. I found that if I turn off Brave shield, it does load! However still can’t get it to show up on Firefox. But if you had no issues either, I’m not going to worry about it.