[Updated: Dec 8] Manifold Creator Core v2.0.0🎉

Update: Dec 8

Good News! Opensea has extended the date that contracts need to be compliant with their creator fee enforcement policy to Jan 2, 2023 1/ This means Manifold Contracts deployed between Nov 8 and Dec 1 are now eligible to configure royalties on OpenSea.

Update: Dec 2

Manifold contracts created on or after Dec 1 (v2) can now enable Opensea royalties via contract settings in Manifold Studio.

Update: Dec 1

For contracts deployed after Dec 1, you will be eligible to opt into the blocking functionality.

This functionality will be added in the next few days and will appear in your contract’s settings page.

Original Thread

Today we have released Manifold Creator Core v2.0.0 ! We’ve upgraded our open sourced NFT Creator Contracts.

Twitter Thread:

  1. Starting today all contracts deployed though Manifold Studio will use v2.0.0 of our Creator Core contracts for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards.

  2. Release Notes:

  • Name and symbol support for ERC1155
  • Support extension level royalty overrides
  • Support operator for extension XXXCreatorExtensionApproveTransfer
  • Gas and bytecode optimizations
  1. Contracts now have the ability to set restrictions around token transfers, allowing creators to opt-in to token blocking policies such as OpenSea’s Operator Filter. By default this functionality is disabled, creators can choose to opt-in to token restriction policies.

  2. Also included is name and symbol support for ERC-1155 contracts. The ERC-1155 spec does not include any notion of name or symbol (compared to the ERC-721 spec), but some marketplaces have decided to support this convention and so we have added it to our 1155 contract.

  3. Support extension level royalty overrides will let extensions override on-chain royalties giving creators more flexibility and control their royalties

  4. Gas and bytecode optimizations because we care about making our contracts super efficient and are now even cheaper for our creators (and collectors) to use.

  5. We’ll be working on more updates to Manifold Studio to support the upgraded functionality of the Manifold Creator Core v2.0.0 contracts. Our contracts are open sourced so we invite anyone to provide comment and feedback!


Thank you for doing all of this!

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Awesome! Is there an ETA on when the opt-in to token restriction policies will be added to Studio? Or insight on how to properly use the blacklistExtension at the contract level (if that’s the correct extension)?

Thx, how about the contracts made between November 8th and December 1st? Is there a way we can move it over to the new one without too much pain in hours or eth?

Can we download all the info from my 33 images and upload on a new contract? Pointing to the same files on Arweave?

wondering what is the best option,
created my fist smartcontract end of october and minted 3 nfts.
Would love to mint more in there over time,
so would it be worth it to start from scratch with the 2.0 Core to be more safe for future developments?
thx on advance as always!

We’re working with Opensea to find a solution here - Hoping creators affected can reach out to Opensea’s support as well to encourage supporting this.

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gm! Thx for asking! Contracts deployed after the 1st will support this opt in function. The UX will be added to studio in the next few days.

I did, hopefully they will support

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Awesome! The royalties page is very clear, thanks for fighting for us!

Nice update! Since we minted our contract on Nov. 30, hope you’ll find a solution for it too soon :pray:

My contract was deployed in the DEAD ZONE.

I have written OpenSea. Here’s a question.

Can we create a new contract with the original name, but change the TOKEN ID? Then migrate the NFTs minted during the DEAD ZONE?

Just tapping my fingers trying to solve the problem.

If you think a solution will arise before the holiday please advise. ty