Updating Artwork on existing NFT editions


I’m trying to update the artwork of an existing NFT (editions) that I minted using Manifold. I am unable to do so. The ‘Update on Mainnet’ button shows on the page before I click on the token, but not on the token metadata page itself. But when I try to click on Update to Mainnet I’m getting an error ‘Token ID 11 An Image’

Can anyone help?


gm! We’ll need a bit more information here - Can you take a screenshot of where you’re getting stuck and the error? Which token are you looking to update?

Hey lyndo,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots of where I’m getting stuck. I’ve updated the metadata of the editions token including uploading the new artwork (mp4) but I am unable to update on mainnet.

So when you click update on Mainnet from that first page you don’t see anything? Can you take a screenshot of your console?

I see this error when I click ‘update on mainnet’

gm! Thanks for letting us know! It’s a poor error message on our part. After investigating, it looks like that token is missing a thumbnail. If you add a thumbnail, you should be all set to Update. Let me know if that works! (We’ll fix this error messaging as well in the next hour)

Fantastic. It’s working now. Thank you lyndo :pray: