Updating Claim Page to a multi-sig returns “execution reverted"

When setting a multi sig address for the payout address in the claim page it won’t let people mint the nft. Any fix?
Thank you

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gm! Can you clarify the situation a bit? Please provide your wallet address/links to the claim page as well.

Was the claim page created with a multi sig address? Or an Admin on that address?

What is the error collectors are seeing?

This is the mint page: Loty Genesis

The claim page was created with a normal wallet. but when updating the payout address to a multi sig, people get an “execution reverted” error. and whenever we change it back to a normal address all works fine.

Hey there,

This is an issue we’re aware of and is fixed for the next version of the claim extension. It will be fixed soon but for now the workaround is just to use a normal wallet as your receiver.

When one contract sends ETH to another contract, the receiver can spend gas just like when you send ETH from your wallet. Our contract was estimating gas for mint receivers too low, and so it worked for normal wallets as well as some contracts, but fails for other contracts.


Hi, is this issue fixed now?

Yes, it is fixed for any claims using these 2 contracts


General heuristic is any claims created after 11/9. You can always double check which one you interacted with on etherscan.