Updating / Creating New Batches


Three things.

  1. Can I rename a batch? I named it before I knew how it would be used to organize tokens later on.

  2. Can I create a new batch and add older tokens to it? If so, how?

  3. Can I add tokens to existing batches? If so, how?

Thank you.

Gm! Thanks for reaching out before I answer your questions, I believe clearing up the terminology for batch mint may help. A batch mint is simply a group of tokens minted together to save on gas costs it isn’t a ‘collection’ or a ‘folder’ An example: Multiple batches minted on the same contract will show up in the same collection on Opensea.

  1. No. A batch isn’t used to organize tokens
  2. No. Batches are no different from minting individual tokens .
  3. If it has already been minted to the mainnet this is not possible but if it hasn’t this is possible.

Excellent, thank you lyndo! All clear.