Updating ECR 721 token - changes not shown on Etherscan


I have updated metadata and artwork for three ECR 721 tokens.
They show up correctly on Opensea and Foundation (after a manual refresh).

But Etherscan and eth.info show old versions. Does it take time for it to update, or is there something I am missing? Do I need to update something on Etherscan?

One of the tokens on OS:
The same token on eth.info:

Thanks for you help…

Hmmm - Did you verify the metadata?


Thank you for answering. Honestly, not sure how to verify it…
All I know is that the metadata and the artwork shows updated results on marketplaces - but not on Etherscan… I don’t not much of the mechanics behind it. That’s why I am asking if there is anything else I need to do…?

If you open the Opensea link and click on the Token ID 1 here you’ll be sent to a link to the metadata of the token. By copying the URL of the image to a new window, you’ll see the metadata attached to the token. If that data is correct, then your token is fine it’s just whatever platform is showing the token will need a refresh.

If it’s not done automatically, best to reach out to the platform.

In the future this guide might be helpful when tokens do not show up:

Thanks for this. I’m having the same issue…show correctly on OS, checked metadata and the Arweave links seem correct (image show up).
just curious as to why it won’t show properly on Etherscan?

Also does anyone know how long it takes for FND to manually refresh?


Foundation responded quickly and the metadata and artwork were updated within a few hours (maybe it was a day - I don’t remember). Different marketplaces took up to several days to auto-update. But Etherscan never got updated. It looks like the only option is to reach out to Etherscan through their complicated update request form - the only problem is the form is meant for large scale projects rather than small-time artists with a handful of tokens…

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Thanks a lot…Foundation has been updated :slight_smile:
Eteherscan still lagging…

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Pretty sure that Etherscan is not going to auto-update (in our case at least…). Which is really surprising and makes one think about the validity of information displayed on Etherscan, Especially considering that it is widely used to confirm transactions and verify status of tokens…

I have the same question. Every marketplace is updated but Etherscan. How to update? Burn it and create a new token?

I’m not sure if Etherscan updates metadata automatically, you may need to contact them to do a manual refresh.

How to contact them? Are they really contactable?

Etherscan support is found here: https://etherscan.io/contactus

I have contacted them. The problem still persists. Do you have any other suggestions? Can it be done via Manifold?

I have the same issue and am looking for answers.