Updating image and metadata

Hey all new here!! I batch minted four images onto Goerli testnet (721’s) into my own wallet. I just tried the updating function and changed the image and metadata on ONE of the NFT’s. The image and metadata is updated on Manifold but not Opensea or Looksrare. I waited 18 hours but no updated image/metadata on the marketplaces.

When I tried to update the data, I followed this process.

  1. Updated image/metadata on single token
  2. Selected update on Goerli
  3. Chose myself as recipient
  4. Message - “minting 4 tokens straight to your wallet”
  5. Selected mint
  6. Dialogue box - "checking for extension reg " briefly flashed up. (No Metamask interaction)
  7. Congrats “token minted”

There was no metamask interaction so looks like only an update on Manifold system only. I’m probably doing something very obviously wrong! Please help!