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The problem is the following - I created an open edition token, but mixed up the description at the 1st stage /Prepare Token/ and the “Page setup” stage. after which he changed it, changing the places in places. Made an update, paid a commission. Now in Studio the information is shown correctly, but on the Claim page the information is old. How to update it? It’s been about 10-12 hours since the update.

Wallet 0x93a2A9cd6C03ca0bf25043F043afE766b917156f

Thanks in advance!

Hey guys from user support. The problem described above is not solvable, what did you decide to keep silent or just ignore? The timer shows 14 hours since my request.

I see others getting answers, but I don’t get answers. :frowning:

Hi there! Please keep in mind that Manifold Studio is a free service and this is a community forum, the team doesn’t have any SLA’s for response time. I was going to sleep when you posted, but looking into it now.

As far as metadata, your asset appears to have the latest description on arweave. Though, no tokens have been claimed yet on your claim page so nothing really exists “on-chain” yet.

I do see that your description text changed for your claim page. If you change that on the “Setup Page” tab, you will still need to click “Update” on the “Review & Publish” tab for the change to take effect. If you already tried that, let me know and I will get someone to update it manually.

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Thank u Jack. Yes, I made an update button yesterday and paid a commission for it.

Hi! Your description should be correct now. Please let me know if you need anything else!

Thank you! Everything is great!
I would also recommend coming up with something to make it clearer from the descriptions that I mixed up. Since from the tabs on which they are located, there is no understanding of what they are for, a token or a contract / collection. Actually, that’s why I mixed them up.

Prepare Your Claim

  3. DESCRIPTION (it was logical for me to assume that this is a description of the token / artwork, but not the contract / collection)

Thanks again!