Updating metadata of claim page token?

Is it possible to update the metadata of a claim page 1155 after the claim is over, like you can do with non-claim page manifold tokens?

Goal is to have an open edition with a reveal after claim is over.

Went to test this on Goerli but looks like claim page isn’t available yet. Couldn’t find a clear answer with search either. Thanks!

Yes - It’s possible to update the metadata after the claim has been completed. Are you looking to update the tokens unique artworks or just a single artwork?

A single piece can be done out of the box but multiple will require additional work as it isn’t supported within Manifold Studio. Manually updating Metadata for ERC721 Tokens / Minted with Claim app - #18 by sv3nsei

Awesome, thanks! That’s what I suspected but wanted to confirm.

Yes, I’ll be updating a single piece. So token my ERC-1155 token ID 0 will launch the claim with “placeholder” art, then when the claim is over, I’ll update that token 0 to be the actual art, and everyone will own the same piece.