Updating NFT from creator's end


I had a placeholder pre-reveal on one of my NFTs and have been trying to update the image. I noticed on the support page that “Be aware that updating your token on mainnet will have a small gas cost.” but did not get promoted to pay anything to update.

There is also a notification saying my data has been updated however when I refresh the metadata, the image jumps back to the pre-reveal instead of the new one I uploaded. It’s the same on OpenSea as well.

I’ve waited an hour or so since last trying and it still isn’t working, could I get some advice? Thank you :slight_smile:

This might be a good resource to help look into why you’re seeing some platform display issues: Solve Platform Display Issues - Manifold Docs

Hmm yeah I already referred to this doc :0

After reuploading the new image, I’ll wait for the site to say “saved” then refresh metadata but it will jump back to original pre-reveal. When checking the metadata as well, it never updates to the new image.