Updating Token Video / Thumbnail File - Indexing Problem

I just updated the video and thumbnail files for a token in my smart contract which is indexed with SuperRare.

Within Manifold Studio, I can no longer see the preview of the token and OpenSea no longer displays it.

It looks fine on LooksRare / Rarible but isn’t updating on SuperRare which is the main site I’m selling my NFT art on.

I was told in the past by tech support from both Manifold and Super Rare that updating the video and thumbnail files on the mainnet wouldn’t cause any issues with the token across any platforms, so hoping this is in fact the case!

Can someone help with this?


FYI, this is what it looks like in my Manifold Studio project contract page and what I see when I navigate to OpenSea from the token page now.

I’ve updated the metadata on the studio page for the token several times as well.

gm! The first thing you want to do is make sure the onchain metadata is correct. If that’s correct then it’s typically how the platforms display the metadata. I believe Superrare still requires a manual refresh so you’ll need to reach out to their team to do so.

This is a helpful guide if tokens are showing up incorrectly:

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The chain data looks correct. I just checked. As for why the preview isn’t showing on Manifold, will have to look at that, could simply be because your image is large enough that it’s taking a while to load. When you click in, you should see the asset though.

As for SuperRare, I’m not sure how they pick up asset changes, you may have to request that they refresh their asset cache.

Unsure why OpenSea delisted this file.

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Thanks so much for looking into it Lyndo and Wilkins!

Appreciate you taking the time and getting back to me so damn quickly.

I did initially upload a video file over 300 MB which prompted a warning box saying OS doesn’t display anything over 300, so I reduced it to something smaller.

I’ve followed up with SR as well!

The preview should now work properly on studio. There was an issue where it wasn’t properly uploaded to cloudinary

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Looking good! Thanks so much Wilkins.