Upload to Arweave Failed on CSV with 255 tokens

I’ve tried uploading to Arweave twice after updating the CSV. It uploads for about 20 minutes each time and then comes up with an error that says “Something went wrong getting things setup. Reach out to support. Message: Failed to authenticate user.”

Any possible work around or anything I can try? My community of collectors are expecting a metadata update…

Here’s a view of the developer console:

It may have taken too long and your session expired. Can you refresh the page and try again?

Thanks for your reply wilkins, I’ve tried refreshing and uploading again 6 times this afternoon. It’s about 20 minutes of upload and then the same error.

Here’s the debug of the error messages that come through when it fails, in case that helps. Glad to do anything to help debug–

Can you share your csv?

Also, in those 401 calls, you should see them in your network, does the body of the 401 responses show anything? There seems to be something logging you out somehow (do you have multiple tabs open)?

Hi bootleg!
Sorry for the issue you are havving. Do you mind try logging out of studio by clicking on the top right corner of studio? or try clearing local storage by following the instructions here:

Brilliant - your suggestion to clear these worked – also went down to one tab after opening Chrome back up. Thanks wilkins and dongqtm for your help today - really appreciate that I was able to get this out today