Urgent: Issue with [names of the edition minted tokens and different description ]

All the same minted tokens should have similar style names and the same description, but they have different metadata and different names.

attached are token 38 and 39
also in the description they are not the same

account holder yachtdesign.eth

Got it. It looks this way on all platforms? Was the claim page edited in any way?

correct it looks this way on other platforms too

those tokens were mint at the same exact time

claim page edit was after this token and name was not changed

Could you please let me know when we can have all tokens be same type of name and all same description

how can I update the attribute and description for all to be similar as I have few holders feedback on this issue


Seems like you updated the claim after some tokens were claimed. Once you updated the claim, you still need to refresh metadata manually on marketplaces for already minted tokens so they can be refreshed with the updated metadata. To confirm, the current metadata for all tokens are just the title without the numbering. It’s simply just “The Knight of Web3”. Is this the intended title for the token?

Don Dang

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Make sense to refresh the metadat, I will announce this to holders

I would prefer if the metadata were numbered, such as “The knight of web3 35/888.” Is this possible?

Yes, if you go to “Edit Rules” page, make sure the “Token Supply” is 888, then hit “Save”. You will need to confirm the update transaction. Then go ahead and refresh metadata from the marketplaces, the metadata should be updated to 35/888 etc accordingly

I can confirm the limit was set to 888 when I last saved and confirmed the transaction but names remained without numbers.


It looks like you did not initate a transaction to update the claim. The reason being the system will only let you make changes if there are “new” changes, in this case since you did not have to change anything, the system doesn’t initiate a new update transaction. A “trick” to get away with this is to make a small change in this “Edit Rules” page. You could change the start date or end date to a different time, like 2:01 AM instead of 2:00.

We are going to release a patch to get this bug fix so you don’t need to do this little hack in the future

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thank you for the trick,
I will make this change on the rules page to get the numbers added to the names.

So could you confirm in order for me to make sure I make this right for my next drop on manifold

1- to be able to add numbers at the end I should have the number limit set

2- in other hand to remove the numbers at the end of the names what should I do apply instead ?

  1. Yes you should have number limit for your token to be numbered
  2. To remove the numbers at the end, simply set your token supply to unlimited