URGENT PLEASE - 'Available on platforms' section not showing on Manifold Claim page

Hi, I just created a new claim page on my ERC115 Manifold contract, the section ‘view on platforms’ with the links to see the token is not showing on the claim page. Does it take time to update and will the ‘view on platforms’ options appear soon on the claim page? does this only appear after a first mint? or is this an error? Would appreciate any advice as this goes live this morning. Thank you, Klaw

Claim page in question: GHOS†LY
Opensea collection link: https://opensea.io/collection/klawmachineeditions
My wallet address: 0x24A0435DD391A6962d8d99CE19f51f2b540412b5

gm - Looks like this is all appearing fine on my end!