Used Burn page stuck as a "draft" after editing metadata

Hi fam. I was updating descriptions on some burn/redeem pages and a few of them got stuck loading to Areweave. So I refresehed the page and never accepted any transaction on Metamask. Now it seems three tokens that have already been claimed and the burn ended are showing up as “drafts” in the burn app. I cant seem to update them.

gm – sorry for the delay, I’ve fixed up your burn redeems so they’re live as they should be. Can you try updating the description again? You won’t see the ‘Must be in the future’ error anymore.

great set btw.

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no problem… that was excellent reply time imo. thank you for taking care of that. looks good now. I was able to edit the text successfully. thanks for the kind words about my work too! :smiley:

oh poop…but now I just realized it has lost the #of editions minted. And the description is not updating on other sites like open sea for Feb, march and April.
The amount of editions minted for each month is Feb=5, March=6, April=9.
But still im wondering why the desription and title changes are not updating on Opensea.


I took a look, you’re right. There was another related issue on our side unfortunately. We’ve fixed. Your pages counters are correct again.

Can you update your description again? Should work this time.

I realize this is costing you gas, let’s get things in order then sort that out.

Hello fren. thanks again for your help. So I was able to update 2 of the 3 tokens. Almost all done. Just this one last token that’s giving me this message.

All fixed now. Thank for the help. Such an amazing community.