Using an iPad with manifold studio

Does anyone know how to connect to Manifold Studio using an iPad?

I am using MetaMask wallet, and have Brave browser installed to connect on my macboook. I also have Brave browser installed on my iPad but there is on option to connect the wallet to the Brave browser on the iPad at the moment.

So I am wondering if anyone knows a way around this? I.e. is there a different way to connect and use Manifold Studio on an iPad?

I mainly use an iPad to create my images.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer to this.


gm! Typically for the optimal experience, I’d recommend using a web browser over mobile.

Hi, I’m not totally clear on the issue around iPads…I work only on an iPad, and was wondering if all manifold apps do work on an iPad. If not, would I need to get a desktop?