Using BurnRedeem cannot depress Next in Redemption Details

Hey there,

I am building out a Burn-Redeem app. When I reach page 3, complete the fields and depress Next, there is no response.

Screenshot attached.

Will I have a chance to edit again before publishing?

Thanks for all you do.

Gm! Looks like you’ll need to actually click on the Contract to select which one to create the redeem from.

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Hey there,

In BurnRedeem, I have an issue with the Burn “Crushed” token.

• I previously set up a Claim page for my 1155 before the new app. When you announced the Burn Redeem app, I changed the start and end dates so the claim ended before it launched so I could take advantage of the new app.

• I setup the BurnReed claim based off an updated 1155 token 1 with a new image, but same title.

The updated image from the Claim Page (and not the updated 1155 token) is appearing in the Burn/Redeem campaign.

How can I show the updated artwork on the 1155 token #1, “Crushed”?