Using Gallery to create and manage private auctions with a csv list

Hi Manifold team, i was looking to create a private auction for a (erc721) token which i have minted with Claim page app. I have noticed that Gallery by manifold doesn’t support private auctions.
Any solution to create a private auction for my token with a csv list ?

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Hey @aleksys! Can you give me a little more info on your use case?

It sounds like you have a single ERC721 token and you want to make an auction that only can be bid on by a certain group, is that right?

Interested to hear more!

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Ys sure dear Kmart! I am trying to build a supply system for my artworks via private auctions for my collectors only. I would also like to be able to auction more than 1 editions at the same auction

Ideally i would like to see a mechanism like this:
Lets’s say that we have a private auction with an artwork edition of 3, 24hr, starting price 0.01Ξ, at 12:00 am

it should go like this :
12:00am -8:00am (biding time for the 1st edition),starting price 0.01 eth,
8:00-16:00 (biding time for the 2nd edxition),starting price (the highest bid of 1st edition)
16:00-12:00 (biding for the 3rd edition),starting price (the highest bid of 1st edition)
the creator should be able to adjust details such as when each sub-auction will end or if the lap time would be visible …and many more

What do you think?

Anyway just a simple private auction app that works with csv list would be a great deal !!

Ah I see.

Yes, this mechanic is a bit more complex than what we currently offer at the moment in any of our apps. It’s possible, but would take some custom app/contract development to achieve at the moment.

Right now the closest apps we have to this functionality are the Claims App by Manifold. We have a feature in there where you can set a custom CSV list of addresses of who can buy your claim, but the piece must be set up as a new claim and has to be a set price.

There’s also the “Private Listings” app developed by a 3rd party developer where you can choose an existing ERC721 to sell as a “private listing” to a single, specific wallet address, but again you must specify the exact price.

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Thank you for your time and response Kmart. I ask too much, i know:)))

Tbh i have used before Claims App by Manifold and it is super cool and useful tool ! (my favorite!!)

Via Claim page i have created a “system” in which my small group of collectors (a number which changes from time to time) ,could claim tokens of my new collection for free (those tokens have been created with claim page app and my wish is to use them as burn /redeem tokens ?)

There is a classification on my csv (collectors) list, so not all could claim all tokens.
Furthermore, these tokens are limited in supply such as 1/1’s, edittion of 3,7,10.

Depending the edition of the token, some collectors could be eligible to (free) claim and others not. After the ending of the claim page event, the remaining/ unclaimed tokens have to be minted by me and from then i would like to create a private auction for the leftover tokens (between all of my collectors)

So with less words, i use claim page to provide my collectors with free tokens (dynamic tokens:burn/redeem?) and i would like to have a second tool in which i could sell tokens to my collectors(scv) via auction.

Perhaps smth like Claim page App but with an extra option on the edition price “auction” with a restriction only to csv list… just saying.

About the “Private listings” App that’s great news and it’s a proof of how strong this community is !! UnfortunateIy, i gave it a try but couldn’t really help me out… :frowning:

Thank you very much for your time, it means a lot !
I hope for the best :slight_smile: :heart_decoration: