Verify and publish contract failed after speeding up contract creation transaction

Hi folks,

there were some gas fees spikes yesterday, and I submitted a mainnet contract creation transaction that was stuck for a while. Today I sped it up, and it went through, buy manifold UI didn’t catch. On etherscan the code also hasn’t been published/ verified.

Could you please check ir for me?
Contract address: 0x5D9A2aabBB8dc92875CBd42a5287cF7207FC1473
Contract creation txID:


Investigating this. What do you see on the UX right now?

UX displays only goerli contract already deployed, but no mainnet - if I clicked only on mainnet it returns an error.

can you screenshot this so we can investigate?

Sure, I can send it later when back in the computer

after about 12 hours, got an e-mail confirming that the contract has been verified, thanks!