Verify factory smart contract on Base please?


Would someone from the Manifold team be able to verify the Manifold factory contract on Base?

Thank you!

This is not a factory. It’s actually a create2 deployer which can’t be verified because basescan/etherscan does not support yul.

However, the source code can be found here.

Ah I see.

Are you using a factory pattern in your smart contracts?

The reason is I’m looking for the addresses of the proxies created in an event and I can’t seem to find where this info is emitted.

Where might this info be located on which smart contract?

It’s not a factory pattern.

We use a CREATE2 proxy in order to deploy contracts to deterministic addresses.

The contract created is emitted by the CREATE2 proxy, you can see this emit in the transaction executed, and it is done by this line: